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Building Stronger Men




Being There Through The Most Important Step In A Man's Life

With a background in Psychology and a troubled past, I help men and youth transition from the "street life" into the "real world". After serving time in federal prison and being a prisoner of the lies I told myself and others, I understand how difficult it can be to transition. There is a tough separation process by which a man leaves his former life and becomes a new man. I suffered through the difficulty in acquiring employment as a felon, the isolation from friends and family along with building a new reputation for myself, becoming a father and being an honest and true husband. Throughout this process. it is important to have a support system in place. My colleagues and myself can be that support system that you need. Assisting with getting your life back on track, acquiring the necessary employment and even finding the woman who is right for you.

Transition is the most important step in a man's life and therefore it is a very sensitive topic. Because WE, MEN, know how it feels, WE can help. Contact me and let's begin the transition.


Men United Globally (M.U.G.)

There Must Be More To This Christian Faith

M.U.G. exists to encourage and equip Men in their relationship with God and as the head of their families.

M.U.G. isn't just a club or an event; it's about building a relationship based group that provides accountability and relevant ways for men to experience and know there must be more to their Christian faith.

Our M.U.G. Leadership team is available to help you minister to the men in your church and local community. We meet twice per month, virtually or in person,  to develop action plans, give back to the community by way of mentorship and discuss ways to become Stronger Men.

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