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Updated: Apr 10, 2020


The hardest but, yet, thee most important time to think about your marriage is before you say "I DO". So many times we are caught up in the moment of loving "this" person and wanting to be with "this" person, that we lose sight of who we really are and what it is that we really want.  Thee very first day I met my (NOW) husband, I thought about whether or not he could be the one. I was blinded by how handsome and tall he was, that I completely forgot about my standards and who I was. There is danger in falling in love too quickly, because you no longer see through logical eyes. In Love is an amazing place to be but we must be aware that FALLING IN LOVE IS EASY, STAYING IN LOVE IS WORK! If you want to get married and they want to marry you, then put forth the effort to do the work. Seek counsel before marriage and really BE ALL IN! Let's set up a time to talk more about where you are in this process and how we can help you prevent some of the pits we fell into. WE LOVE, LOVE

- Thee Huffs Evolved

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