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5 Things To Do With Your Spouse Before Sunrise!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

I know, I know it sounds crazy, but.... The time that you have before the sunrises can be truly amazing. Finding time for your spouse is extremely important and with our lives being so busy, we must be creative.

  1. Pull them close to you and put your body against their body, so that they can feel your heartbeat and you can feel theirs. Practice breathing in sync. This not only calms you, but is proven to make your spouse feel so much more connected to you.

  2. Talk! Wake your Spouse with sweet kisses and ask if he/she would like to share with you or if you can share with them. The dark will allow them to feel more exposed and comfortable sharing deep things and you will still have the chance to do number 3, afterwards which is

  3. Pray with your spouse. Praying doesn’t have to be deep or time consuming. Spend some time talking to God on your spouses behalf and meditating on the plan God has for you both, together and separately

  4. Speak Words of Affirmation to each other. Tell your spouse how amazing they are. Share with them, everything that makes you proud to be connected to them.

  5. Set Goals: Take this time to discuss your corporate goals and your separate goals and ways you both can help each other achieve them.

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