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Business Basics

I know, I KNOWWWWW, you’re excited about this passion that you have for this new venture and you want to start right away. Of course, the first thing you need to do is just go ahead and start or maybe you should just buy everything you need or maybe you should just purchase a space to operate or maybe a vehicle so that you can deliver the goods or, wait, you need a partner...


The very first thing that you should do is jot all of these things down. I don’t care if it’s in a notebook or in the notes of your phone. YOU NEED TO DUMP! Take all of your thoughts, ideas, what you heard God say and every strategy he has given you and dump it out! This is what we call a “BRAIN DUMP” and it sounds crazy but it is absolutely necessary. Things will come to you at different times of the day and you need to be prepared, so even at nigh, keep a notebook next to your bedside, in case a dumping needs to occur!

All of this dumping will then need to be organized and put together in what we call “ A Business Plan” this way you are just throwing up a bunch of ideas and the air and trying to find out which one falls down again. This is the process by which you will not only be a GREAT THINKER but an even GREATER DO’ER!

A business plan is your first stop and if you need help with that or just need a template, reach out to us and I will provide you with a blank business plan template!

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