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Death of A Silent Man

Men, I know it is difficult to do this, but we have to BREAK THE SILENCE. In order to effectively lead and be the man that we need to be for our families, we have to speak up. We hold things inside, instead of dealing with them because we were taught that we can not complain and we must be strong. As men, ,the strongest thing you can ever do is SPEAK YOUR TRUTH. Not only does your life depend on it, but the lives of your family members and peers, depend on your VOICE, as well. Break the silence Bro and watch how the burden of SILENCE is lifted off of you. Whether you are struggling with addiction, financial hardships, mental health issues or even infidelity, I AM HERE TO HELP. I've been through the struggle of making decisions solely based out of guilt, accessibility, low self esteem and even anger. These are things that, as men, we do not like to discuss, because we feel that they make us weak.


- Chris Huff

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