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I F****d Up!

This is by far, one of the hardest things I've ever had to write. I F****d up.

All I ever wanted was a real family of my own. One that I could start my own traditions with. Be the husband I never saw my mother have, the father my dad didn't live along enough to truly be and the man of God, I didn't know could truly exist. Well God blessed me with everything that I wanted and gave me a chance to LIVE MY BEST LIFE AND I F****d it ALLLLLL UP! One day I woke up and my life was in shambles because I decided to feed my short comings with lies and infidelity. After much, much, much heartache my wife forgave me and told me she forgave me because GOD FORGAVE HER!

I have to admit, that CHANGED EVERYTHING! What I thought I knew about being F'ed up Changed! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE ANGRY WITH ME BUT HERE GOES NOTHING...


F- orgave myself for all the mistakes. I'm just a man and I messed up.

U- Understand that these things could happen to anyone and I am not exemption to the rule.

C- ame to grips with the fact that I couldn't heal alone.

K- Keep myself focused on things that will benefit myself and my family

E- Enjoy every moment, doing things that truly make me happy. Tomorrow isn't promised!

D- Decided that my family deserves what I didn't have and that is a REAL CHANCE!


I am grateful that ChrisTransitions!

- Chris Huff

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