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Real Relationship

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

There are sooo many things that encompass what a ”Real Relationship” is. All couples, friend partners and what have you, have their own idea of what a “Real Relationship” is for them.

For us, “TheeHuffsEvolved” we’ve discussed this topic on so many different occasions and it seems we add more things every-time we discuss it. Out take on a ”Real Relationship” is that it‘s FOREVER EVOLVING! Real Relationships grow with those that are in the Relationship. We tell each other everything nows Even if it’s just a small thing, we talk about it, so there’s no room for any misconceptions. It’s taken us a long road to get here, but we are HERE! Transparency is our friend 😂 At one point in our lives we thought that we’d agree on everything and if we did not, than only person could win. Now, as an ”Evolved Relationship” we know and understand that there is no Win or Lose within our Real Relationship because we are one ☝️!

Our disagreements come with Compromise that does not leave the other person feeling, Left out, but serves both parties because it’s serving one, but WE ARE ONE!

Talk with your Partner and figure out what a “Real Relationship” is for the both of you. It may change over time and that’s okay! At least you are communicating and gaining clarity.

Love Y’all!

Real Talk

Real Issues

Real Solutions

-Thee Huffs Evolved

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